Hey, Mr. Spaceman, volumes I-III (various)

One day, I was in a Dollar General or something, and I found a neat little disc for a few bucks. I took a chance, and discovered it was a very enjoyable compilation. Well, I gave a copy to my dear friend Jeff (hereafter "Uncle Jeff"), and Uncle Jeff responded with his own sequel, complete with quaint cut-and-paste photocopied artwork. I was already at work on my own sequel, complete with artwork adorned with Uncle Jeff's head from 20 years ago, as well as some musical (and sound collage) contributions by me, and suddenly there were three volumes of these things. And two more are on the way, with variations on this theme (look for them here soon).
In the meantime, dig these!

LINK:  Hey, Mr. Spaceman

LINK:  Hey, Mr. Spaceman Vol. II


the saucer people said...

Wow! Talk about spaced out obscura! I have been looking for several of the more rarer tracks (Jimmy Durunate, Maria Muldaur, Dennis Scott and T-Bone Burnett) on the first compilation for eons....now I discover they were all hiding out together!

Wish I had known about this compilation when it came out 8 years ago! Anyway, huge thanks for bringing this onto my radar.

Also thanks for the labour of love that are the two "tribute" compilations though so far I have only been able to experience the sheer delight that makes up the third compilation by Leaping Frog as the album link to number two by Uncle Jeff is dead....any chance of a repost?

I am really astonished about the lack of comments concerning these compilations as I imagine there has been plenty of downloads...actually these days I am not as the simple act of a thank you seems beyond most people these days...anyway, enough of the old git whining. many thanks again!

"the only way out of time is into space" WSB....hell yeah!

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

I'm GLAD to say, you're welcome, and you, sir, have inspired a repost of Volume II ! Enjoy!

367 said...