HEY, MR. MARIO, MAN! (Leaping Fox)

Well, I really didn't think there would be a HEY, MR. SPACEMAN volume 9, but this was too good a compilation to leave uncompiled. Not only is this an early history of everyone's favorite iconic plumber, but also a collection of fascinating versions of arguably the most famous theme music in video game history. Over several years, I have searched far and wide for unique interpretations in a variety of styles and feels, and if you look at this idea as listening to the same song dozens of times, you are missing the boat. I was amazed to see how many ways the Super Mario Bros. theme could be interpreted (and interpolated), and I hope you'll agree it's a very entertaining disc. As a bonus, I also made a medley of various YouTube performances of the song on unusual instruments, including a steel drum band, a theremin, an ocarina, a beat-boxing flute, a marimba, a giant set of sparking electric Tesla coils, a manualist (look it up), a remote-control car striking hundreds of glass bottles, and, believe it or not, a laser cutting machine! Oh, and there's a second disc this time, the soundtrack to the classic game, including a sound-effects section.

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