Boba Fettucini - Godzilla, King of the Breakbeats (2006, Mon Mothma)

I recently discovered this one, and I had to dig deep to find a store that still had a vinyl copy for sale (which is how DJ "battle records" are released, which is what this is, so no CD's apparently). This is a newly opened vinyl copy, ripped on the first play, enhanced, and ready for your enjoyment.

This is a short (both sides are 16 minutes each) but entertaining foray into Godzilladom--which is a land I sort of live in--with ample quotes from KING OF THE MONSTERS, GODZILLA'S REVENGE, with a little MONSTER ZERO and TERROR OF MECHAGODZILLA thrown in, as well as a few other surprises. I also scanned the back cover and the record label, which is really cool.

Nothing makes my day more than a knowledgable Godzilla fan's audio creation, and I hope you will enjoy it too! If you do, you are my kind of people.

UPDATED LINK: Up From the Depths!