Cool Items From Vintage Magazines!

You can tell I've been going through old magazines lately.  I picked up a load of vintage STARLOG, FAMOUS MONSTERS, and things I'd never heard of (like one called FUTURE LIFE), and I've been enjoying finding random treasures.  Here are a couple:

This is sweeeeet! An announcement for one of my favorite things that ever happened, BATTLE OF THE PLANETS! I used to race home from the second grade to see it, and we made paper bracelets to use at recess, where we pretended to TRANSMUTE and combat evil! This article is from STARLOG #19, February 1979, which is the infamous STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL issue!
Full-page glossy EMPIRE STRIKES BACK ad, from the back cover of FUTURE LIFE, the August 1980 issue, which also had a cover story about the making of ESB!
Aw, heck.  The front cover is such a good picture, I had to include it here too!

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