Trendmasters Godzilla Micro Playsets: #2 - Rodan in New York City!

"NEW YORK CITY?! Get a rope!"
The second playset in our 1994 batch features the mighty Rodan in New York City.  Another very intricate and well-designed set from Trendmasters; it features a removable wall that mounts vertically, creating a cave for Rodan! Also full of real-life landmarks, for lots of monster combat action.

*Packed full of real landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, the Citicorp Building, the Chrylser Building, the Empire State Building, and, sadly, the World Trade Center.  Suddenly, destroying New York isn't so desirable.
*The Statue of Liberty acts as the "controller" for Godzilla (see backing card)
*Above Rodan's cave is a place to connect a thread or fishing line (not included), allowing Rodan to fly down from his perch and begin his reign of terror!
*Giant octopus (and others) visible in the ocean depths! Shades of KING KONG vs GODZILLA? Or FRANKENSTEIN vs DEVILFISH??
*Giant spider in the interior of Rodan's cave.  Spiega? Clearly, I'm thinking too hard about all this.
*The only place to get the Rodan minifigure!

Tomorrow, MechaGodzilla works on some urban renewal in Los Angeles!

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