Lego: Iron Man's Laboratory (2013)

In the last Lego magazine, a full-page ad ran for downloadable plans to build "Iron Man's Laboratory," and it took them a while to get the link up and working.  In fact, there are a few errors in it, and it seems like Lego was rushing to get the instructions up in time.  I still don't know where a couple of pieces they had me obtain even go.  You can download the instructions here, but after scouring my extra pieces (I had around 30% of the 400+ parts), and after $50 in pieces from various brick dealers, here is the finished product!
I was so proud of this picture...until I realized I'd forgotten about Tony's "other" face, which his hair isn't long enough to cover. Oops.
This is the only representation of the red & silver armor that Lego has made.
Once again, there is a creepy second mouth on the back of Tony's head. Yikes!
So was it worth it? Oh heck yes. Another thing I should point out is, they expect you to have the label sheet from set #76007, the Malibu Mansion attack...and not one extra set of labels, but two, because there are three computer screens in this set.  The best thing to do is what I did, simply print out duplicates and glue them on, because in the end it's just three computer screens and the two-sided briefcase.  (By the way, this is NOT an "alternate build of the 76007 set, so don't fall into that trap.  Of course, you will need 76007, because it's the only place to get a Tony Stark figure!) Good luck, and happy building.
UPDATE: 10-22-13:
With LEGO MARVEL SUPER HEROES, Iron Patriot arrived, so the last space in the Hall of Armor is filled! Here's a photo:

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