Godzilla Puffy Stickers (Benedict Pictures Corporation, 1979)

Here's a dead-mint set of the larger Godzilla puffy stickers that were available in the late 70's.  These measure 7" x 11", unlike the smaller ones that are elsewhere on this very blog in a hanging display (I'd send a link but it's not letting me find them in a search...thanks, Google).

As you can see, the artwork is, well, not very artistic.  But as a six-year old, I would have loved them.  Also, there are a couple of odd choices here that I don't recall from the cartoon right away ("Glump"??), but that doesn't mean they weren't there.  Somewhere.  

So, NOW can we please have the second season of this cartoon on some DVD's, since there is a new Hollywood American Godzilla movie coming out?????!??!??!!?

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