Quick, what's the coolest thing you have seen today? OR, for that matter, in a long, long time? Why, my friend, you have just seen it.  Yes, this is a tremendously amazing vintage Japanese painting depicting King Kong battling King Ghidroah (apparently in France, although I think the "Valley of the Kings" would have been even better).
This is another giant trading card, like the Ebirah one I recently posted, and I've become convinced that these were from a book of giant removable cards (like the vintage postcard books that were made).  Since my last post, I've seen the title of this book roughly translated as "Kaiju Anatomy Picture Book" (from 1971), and the seller keeps listing more of these huge cards, that vary from Godzilla to Ultraman to Gamera content!  By the way, all of the incredible art is apparently by Takashi Minamimura (which I apparently made note of from a website a long time ago, so I hope I'm not butchering his name).
Note also that the back of this card implies that this card is really from "King Kong vs. Godzilla," and shows that the artist pretty much did what he wanted to do, instead giving us a depiction of the dream battle of the century! Battle of the Kings!
Here's the book cover, that I found somewhere a long time ago, now long -forgotten, or I'd give some credit!

Another picture, and now it becomes clear to me that the other "pages" look stiffer, like cards!

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