Pacific Rim Coyote Tango (NECA, 2014)

Another awesome NECA figure...but a funny thing happened with this one. Mine shipped with the lower body backwards, but the legs forwards.  I finally figured it out (pun intended) by looking at the artwork below.  I was ready to complain that all of the fine print was put right on the front of the Jaeger's crotch, which made no sense, and then it hit me.   Oh well, I will be correcting this when I get home tonight, but the photos were already taken, so here you go.
So each photo is a front and back view at the same time....! (Sort of.)
I know many of these robots are based on Gundams, or combinations of things, but this one has a real Transformer feel in the legs.  The knees and hips have rounded, black, wheel-like radiuses at the joints that look like tires.  The enormous cannons swivel upwards, and are super cool.  One drawback is the rubber used for them makes them sort of crooked.
I was prepared to rant about the bizarre choice of putting all this fine print on the front of the figure...but since I have realized it's NOT the front, no rant needed.  Just a little re-assembly.

One thing I don't understand is how the Japanese Jaeger says "U.S. Air Force" all over it, and even has decorations of stars and stripes...maybe if I read the novel it would explain it.  But oh well, it's really cool either way.
I really have no complaints...these figures have been so hard to obtain, the last thing I am going to complain about is a factory worker getting a crotch backwards. (I'll bet money this is the first time today you have heard that sentence.)

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