Monsters of the Movies: Ghidrah (Aurora model kit, 1975)

I just scored an excellent example of this 1975 model kit made by Aurora.  There was another kaiju kit in the series (Rodan) that I am still tracking down.  I like how the box art exclaims "This Three headed terror known as Monster Zero, attacks a Japanese air base." Even though that doesn't exactly make perfect grammatical (or punctuational) sense, it's nice to see the Monster Zero name used.

The box is a delightfully 70's purple, which helps Ghidrah to stand out.  When this kit was re-issued in 2000 by Polar Lights, they retained the box art, but spruced up the background.
Below are scans of the Instructions.  Before we go there, I have to say that their "Painting Instructions" included some bizarre color choices:
Well, okay, Aurora, if you say so.  I would love to see what this would have looked like...it would have been very trippy, all pink eyes and orange mouths, like a black light poster of Ghidrah or something.

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