View-Master Show Beam Cartridge (GAF, 1980)

Here is an earlier version of the later version that we saw a while back....note that even two years later, the poor boy child was still having to operate as a screen! Couldn't the family afford a bedsheet or something?
Also, I'm not sure about the line "Flash your favorite characters," even in 1980.
You will also notice that the list of other available cartridges is a bit different (wait, KISS? Really?).  There was an "I Can Learn By Myself" series for ignored or abandoned kids, to teach themselves Numbers (I prefer Exodus), Alphabet. Time and Colors...although the more I think about this concept, it makes no sense.  A literate child doesn't need the "Alphabet" cartridge, and one who can't yet read would just be all around screwed.  Talking View-Master might work better for such an endeavor.  No word on whether Morris Day appeared in the "Time" cartridge.
Also, I don't think we have to wonder too much why the "Party Games" category disappeared by 1982.  It's hard to imagine a game called "Dunce Cap" that didn't end with someone in tears, or a trip to the emergency room.  There was also a little-known Southern version of the cartridge called "Hey Y'all, Watch This" that caused several deaths.  Okay, I made that up.

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Christopher Sobieniak said...

I blame Hanna-Barbera for throwing the gauntlet down on both Godzilla and KISS!