GODZILLA vs MEGALON Color Stills (Cinema Shares, 1976)

Fantastic promotional shot of all four of the film's monsters together!
As we have discussed in several spots, there was a metric ton of marketing done for GODZILLA vs MEGALON, but no lobby cards were produced.  Instead, the normal set of stills was issued in full color, which I think is a pretty unique move.  We are going to look at five phenomenal ones here, and then an interesting little bonus at the end:
Megalon and Gigan decide what to do with the fallen Jet Jaguar.
Godzilla decides what to do with the fallen Megalon.
Godzilla, trying to get Gigan to fall.
Godzilla (holding a tree), has somehow outsmarted both foes, who appear to be lost.  This is another promotional shot, and the blob in the upper left must be part of the photo, as it's in all of the ones I have seen.
I thought this last one was pretty cool too--it's the original envelope the Megalon materials came in!  Wouldn't quite fit on the scanner.


Britt Reid said...

Ironically, Godzilla's the shortest one of the bunch!
Never thought I'd see that!

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

That's a good observation! I didn't notice that before!