Scalpers can SUCK IT... (part two)

Here we go again...if you remember my previous post on this exact subject, then you know the disdain I have for scalpers and their ilk. Of course, this goes beyond all that, because it's common thievery.

Second verse, same as the first, this time at my local Target, where some dolt has crammed a worthless (ToyBiz?) Cable Legend figure into the tray of a brand-new figure from the current wave of Spider-Man Legends...oh, but he threw in a Zola arm, to make it look "legit."
Nevermind that it doesn't begin to actually fit in the package, or even look halfway right.  As I also proved in my previous post, it does no good to actually POINT OUT the problem to the workers, or managers, because you will only be wasting your own precious time...and then there is the injury you inflict upon yourself (from banging your head against the wall in desperation).

I've decided that, if these stores and their workers are really this stupid (again, see previous post), then they deserve it.

Oh, and to the intrepid soul who did this:  there is a special, hidden level of Dante's Inferno waiting just for you, where you have to lay around in old hot dog water for all eternity!

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