The Things That I See (continued)

Another chapter in the ongoing chronicles of random weirdness that I encounter...you know, the kind of weirdness that warrants stopping and taking a photo.
First up, from the "Children's" section of my favorite thrift store, comes the bedtime-reading-aloud classic, THE ELEPHANT MAN.  No nightmares here!
Do you live in a town where, when the first few drops of light rain begin to fall, cars begin sliding off the road, in fits of car-wreck pronography [sic], as if everyone lived in a Cronenberg film?  Well, I do, and the other day, I'm driving home, and I see this.  I mean, I honestly hope nobody was hurt...but how do you even DO this?
Occasionally, I like to visit "cheap stores," you know, the dollar stores, Dollar Generals, and Big Lotses of the world, because I always see interesting and bizarre things there.  I'm not sure exactly what this is, but I'm assuming it's to be eaten.  It's not exactly "gummi," but it's not exactly "household sponge" either.  I'm not sure what attracted my attention the most...it's either the fact that the makers are too lazy to come up with a specific shape for their product, OR it's simply the fact that IT'S STARING AT ME with a "HELP US" look.
Finally, we have this newspaper headline--front page, mind you--from some recent traveling I did.  (File this under "You know it's a slow news day when...")  The thought that went through my mind was, I have actually NEVER been bitten by a snake, and this was EXACTLY the method I've used throughout my life to achieve that.  So maybe I should write an article about it (maybe I just did).


Anonymous said...

The Elephant Man book adaptation must have had a different ending to be in the kids section
"...and the Elephant Man lived happily ever after, among the rest of the elephants at the zoo. The End."

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

That's hilarious! I just had a very funny mental picture that included Babar!!