Lego 30603 - Classic TV Mr. Freeze Polybag!

Since we covered the amazing 1966 Batcave set, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention this late addition.  A polybag from Lego--one of those deals where you get it if you order $75 or more--it can be found for reasonable prices through dealers. (For now.)
Played on the show by three actors, this one to me looks like the Otto Preminger Mr. Freeze, mostly because of the eyebrows.  But they nailed it either way.  If I remember my trivia correctly, the show popularized the character name, as there had only been a "Mr. Zero" in the Golden Age comics.  I'm just freewheeling here, without looking it up, mind you.
The wind-up key on the backpack is a nice Lego touch!  Since they were able to issue Mr. Freeze by himself, it makes me wonder about any other potential future releases.  A Batgirl with her motorcycle would be a nice addition!

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