Dr. Murray Banks - What To Do Until the Psychiatrist Comes (Murmil, 1961)

This is the sort of record I pick up because the cover is intriguing.  Sometimes, they turn out to be sales-oriented speeches; sometimes, merely commercials.  What's more important is that sometimes, they turn out to be wildly entertaining, and in a good way even.  This is one of those records.  
From what little I have read, Banks was a very popular speaker in his day (as well as a real psychiatrist), and he made several records.  I can see why! He was a riot, with fantastic delivery and a comedian's timing.  
Another quality of these sorts of random old records is that they are loaded with stale jokes that your uncles and fathers told at family dinners, and laughed at for years.  Amazingly, this platter is mostly free from that, making me think the guy at least wrote his own material.
But wait, there is STILL more. Would you believe an LP that is not only very entertaining, but will also give you some helpful advice for your own mental health, from a guy who was neither salesman nor preacher? Nevermind the year it was recorded, or that medical science has come so far since then, a quality tip is where you find it! In other words, it's fun, and just might give you some useful advice, too.  Your morning news didn't give you that!

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