Godzilla Color Bromide Set: Part 8, Godzilla Against Mothra (1964)

...or "Godzilla vs the Thing," if you are so inclined.  Either way, it's a great film.  It's also one of the most-represented films in the original bromide set (the film with the most cards will be covered in Part 9).  There are 19 in all.  Enjoy!
Above are two cards that, while originally flipping through, made me think there were duplicates in the set.  As you can see, they are two separate cards.

Small Mothra!

Bigger Mothra!

GIANT Mothra!

Awww, a family portrait.  As Kevin Murphy said in the recent Rifftrax streaming of MOTHRA, she is "just adorable."

Huh. Sorta seems like this move would carry Mothra over the edge, right along with the big G.

Now, I want to go watch this movie again!


Id0 said...

What do you think about RiffTrax? They've recently done RiffTrax Live: Mothra.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

I actually got to go to my local movie theater on the night they "streamed" it from Nashville, and it was great fun! I've bought a few Rifftrax commentaries over the years, and really enjoyed them, especially when it's Bill Corbett & Kevin Murphy with Mike.