Batman Theme Collection: disc two (Leaping Fox)

Continuing from where we left off, here is the second disc of covers and versions of the Batman Theme.  While this disc gives you 26 more, let's talk for a moment about what's missing:

Listed in the artwork above are nine more versions that exist.  As I mentioned last time, a few years ago, there were a couple of (unofficial) compilations put out, in vinyl and in very low numbers, under the title Batman Theme and Batman Theme Returns.  Those albums focused on 1966-67 releases, and apparently, they did a really thorough job.  The problem is, they just aren't out there, from what I've seen.  If anyone has access to them, drop me a line!

That said, there are probably more released versions in existence, especially in the later years.  I do think these discs look rather smart together, with clear jewel cases...although I probably should have designed artwork for a double jewel case.

Inlay (for clear jewel case)

Stay tuned for some further projects: once I started re-gathering and compiling superhero songs, I found I couldn't stop, and more is imminent. 

LINK:  batman theme collection (disc two)


Id0 said...

Hey, thanks for the comps! I guess the John Zorn - Naked City - Batman would be considered too avant-garde as a "real" release?

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

I'm glad you are enjoying them!
Yeah, I moved that track to a separate project I'm doing of Batman-related songs! That should be the next compilation that I post!

Id0 said...

Looking forward to it. I just noticed this on Etsy and wasn't sure if knew about it or you would be interested in it:
A woman making a custom Hawaiian(?) shirt of "Godzilla Shirt Gamera, King Ghidora, Mothra, Gigan, Kaiju Mens Shirt" Materials: cotton fabric, coconut buttons.