Frankenstein vs Baragon "Art Works Collection" Diorama by Yuji Kaida (Megahouse, 2006)

Here is an amazing little piece that packs tons of detail into only about 3.5 inches of height! This is from a series of dioramas, sculpted by the great Yuji Kaida, called the Art Works Collection (I believe this is the second series in this set).  Kaida is my favorite Japanese artist; he also does sculpts for Bandai's SH Monsterarts figures.  You can see lots more of his art in this post, where I've scanned some of the "Gallery of Kaiju" trading cards. The man is truly gifted.

This series was blind-boxed, like candy toys (I swear, Japan invented the "blind-boxed" phenomenon--and Lego globalized it--which our toy stores are flooded with today.) There were several dioramas available, all painted in full color.  This particular one was also available in this metallic-style format, made to look like an antique bronze statue, which is very fitting for this great scene. (It was probably a "chase" version, which I think Japan ALSO invented, come to think of it.)

There is minor assembly involved; you have to place both Frankenstein, as well as Barry, on their peg-holes, but that's all it takes.  I hope in the future, pieces like this are regarded as the "high art" of our time, and they will be in museums and history books. Because they should be.
Baragon isn't easy to draw, let alone realize in three-dimensions (I've tried both).  Every millimeter is perfection.  

Other dioramas from this series include the birth of King Ghidorah in a fire ball, Godzilla beside an overpass, and also a scene from WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS involving a Maser cannon! 

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