the hulk files (Leaping Fox)

The fourth addition of my attempts at re-arranging and supplementing all of the various vintage superhero items that are out there is: the hulk files.

You probably wouldn't be too surprised to learn that there aren't THAT many Hulk songs out there.  Also, it's bad enough that the 1966 cartoons have never gotten a DVD release (they did in the UK), OR that the 1982 animated series has never gotten a DVD release (it did in the UK); even the 1996 "FoxKids" series hasn't been completely released over here (it was in the UK...sensing a pattern here?). 

So, all of these various themes are included, including the live-action TV series also.  However, like the earlier "files" volumes, anything spoken word is skipped.  I do usually try to provide a list of those, and since there wasn't room in the disc artwork, here it is:

If you are looking for some spoken-word Hulk action, here's what I know of:

1) "Hulk vs. Bulk (1966)" Included on the same Tifton single as the first Hulk song was also the first Hulk spoken-word adventure, where Rick Jones watches the Hulk punch an alien blob/cloud-thing, which is an interesting idea, but rather unconvincing in its lack of believable sound effects.
2) "The Incredible Hulk at Bay!" (Power Records with comic, 1974, adapting INCREDIBLE HULK #171)
3) THE INCREDIBLE HULK (Power Records LP  #8216, 1978) 4 stories
4) SHOW'N TELL Record & Filmstrips (CBS, 1983):  
     Spider-Man & The Hulk in Sharing Can Be Fun
     The Hulk in Adventure on the River
     (and probably more)
5) "Tape-Me-Along Cassettes Vol 1 - Marvel Super Heroes: How Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk Began"  (Kid Stuff, 1986)   longest title....ever.
6) "The Incredible Hulk #181" (Intec DVD, 2003)

I did manage to uncover a handful of interesting songs (others, maybe not so much), so please enjoy.


Id0 said...

Thanks for the compilation. You stated that there aren't many Hulk songs which dashes my hopes of hearing Hulk sing the great American songbook or some somber Sinatra tunes. I'm surprised there isn't much in the way of dubstep Hulk.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Ha! No Sinatra here! (But after Hulk's motorcycle wreck, he did hide out in a basement with the Band for a while...) I did run across more techno/electronic Hulk songs than any other category, but I couldn't get my hands on many of them!