Godzilla Dr. Pepper Skateboard (Sport Fun, 1986)

If you recall, Dr. Pepper had a marketing campaign in 1985 & 1986 that included Godzilla (and resulted in some product placement in what was called GODZILLA 1985 in the USA).  We have looked at a bumper sticker and even a Diet Dr. Pepper can with a T-shirt offer, but this item stands at the top of that promotion, for sure.

Sean Linkenback first turned me on to the fact that this gem even existed.  This amazing item was a prize from grocery store drawings.  It was manufactured by Sport Fun, and it's unclear whether a few were actually sold via retail, or possibly mail-order, methods.

This one is a real beauty.  These skateboards have turned up two or three times in the past year or so, but it's hard to find one that wasn't actually used, like this one [note: my actual skateboard appears in the photos with a white background; the photos with carpet are from a much older auction].  But what sets it apart even further is that it includes the original box, which is that much more impossible to find.

Original shipping box with "DP" markings!
Top of original shipping box.  To the right you can see some writing done with a ballpoint pen, that says that the enclosed skateboard is "For the Kids," the rest of which is marked out.  Either the winner didn't need a skateboard, or possibly a Sport Fun employee obtained one, and gave it as a gift.
One of the crown jewels of any Godzilla collection!

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