Even More Bootlego Minifigures!


A while back, we looked at some of the various "bootlego" minifigures that are available inexpensively from China (seen here).  

Now, before we continue, there are two kinds of Lego collectors:
1) Purists who say they will only support Lego, and anyone else making Lego-compatible items be damned.
2) Collectors who don't mind buying another company's product, when it's something that Lego just doesn't make.

I'm not here to argue, but admittedly, both my categories are simplified.  The sticky part of the issue is that the Chinese companies that make these new items are usually also bootlegging real Lego sets, and therefore taking away from Lego intellectually, monetarily, and so on.

But, you can guess which camp I'm in...so here we go with more proof:

Okay, let's talk about this Walrus Man for a moment.  You may know that Lego just released their third attempt at a Mos Eisley Cantina, and their third failure.  When I first saw this Walrus Man, I assumed it had been leaked, and therefore copied ahead of time.....wrong.  While the new Cantina did give us the bartender, there were no new aliens.  It almost isn't a type-able sentence to say that you could even fathom to put out a Cantina without any new aliens.  But it happened. We will come back to this in the near future, when I finally do an article about my version of what the Lego Cantina should look like.  Stay tuned.
Yes, it's the Colonel. There is also a hilarious Ronald McDonald that I don't have a photo of.

Golden Age Batman.
Clayface.  This is what he looked like in the Lego Batman video games!
Back to Godzilla, this one is actually available in a ridiculous amount of variations and colors, including transparent colors*.  I can only assume that the intention here is for this to be the PLANET OF MONSTERS Godzilla from the new anime film.  In that case, the one at the top of this post is the correct color!

*Like this

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