Godzilla "Mystery Minis" Vinyl Figures (Funko, 2018)

Uh-oh, Funko has made another adorable Godzilla product! Besides the "Pops," there has been one Godzilla "Mystery Mini" before, which was part of a blind-boxed set of Science Fiction characters.  This 3-pack is all-Godzilla and all new.  It's a Previews exclusive, which means comic shops only--but Amazon is also an alternative!
Aaaaaand speaking of Amazon, let's talk about the obfuscated "mystery" figure.  A couple of Ebay sellers had opened photos, and their figure was also the orange "Burning Godzilla." However, take a look at this photo supplied by an Amazon customer in their review:
Godzilla in 1954-ish color scheme? The question becomes, how many figures are in this line, anyway? The entire back of the package is taken up with stock art from the American movie--a film that's already over 4 years old, by the way--and gives us no clues!

What worries me is, the answer is probably "it's Funko." They have reinvented the art of collector manipulation!

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