Mr. T and the Hang Glider Adventure (CBS Toys, 1984)

And then, there's this.
Yes, Mr. T had an animated series about this time, and yes, apparently that's what they were trying to capitalize on here...I can't decide if it's laughable or commendable that Mr. T actually doesn't speak in this "adventure," and the narrator just talks for him.  It's probably for the best, seeing as how their only option would've been to try to hire a sound-alike, and it would've been even more hilarious.
The moral here goes like this: "Kids, remember that stunt men who fly hang gliders in movies are specially trained to do this. Never, never simply grab a random hang glider you see and leap off of a cliff."
I don't remember a problem in the 80's with children wandering onto movie sets, but hey, there you go. Public service performed, and I pity the fool who tries it.
The real cringe-worthy item here is the B-side, where instead of an adventure, we are treated to a song.  Not just any song, mind you, but a sappy, over-dramatized, downright maudlin ode to imaginary friends.  I think.  Sounding like the theme to a late-70's ABC "After-School Special," or perhaps elevator music you  might have heard in Liberace's house, this one is sure to be heard once by you--just because you have to--and never, ever played again.

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Christopher M. Sobieniak said...

I had one of those Show 'n Tell machines, I may still have it too downstairs!