They've Done It To Me AGAIN!

One of the most anticipated items of the year in my house was this upcoming Hasbro "Classic Avengers" three-pack.  We had seen the pictures from previous Toy Fair, and were waiting until it finally hit stores.  I knew I would have to buy at least two to placate everyone.
When I saw them begin to hit Ebay, I knew it was time...imagine the thrill to find ONE left at the local Wal-Mart. Well, the thrill didn't last long!
If you will reference my recent FAIL post, you'll see the Captain America fiasco...the one with two identical hands.  Well, YOU explain the above photo to a very disappointed 7-year old Hulk Maniac!
Great Caesar's Ghost, Hasbro, is there no Quality Control anymore???? I remember a time when things were made in America!
Ironically, in both cases of same-handedness, it was impossible to see this until the product was opened! Captain America's shield was covering his wrong hand, and as you can see here, Hulk's left arm is covered up in the packaging:
Maybe this is how somebody at the factory gets their jollies....I don't know.  Now I'm just waiting to find another one. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Last week I got this at Toys R Us and had a Hulk with 2 left feet.

I know that the Gamma Rays mutated Banner, but not that bad.