Collections Tour, continued

Let's conclude our tour of some random selections from the Casa del Sphinx, "Collections Department":
Glass case: the top shelf houses my treasured complete "Kenner 100" Star Wars figures (see an earlier post for a photo of the group out of the case)

Glass case, second shelf:  Super Powers, Secret Wars, a little Micronauts and Battlestar Galactica, Marvel Hot Wheels vehicles, and Monster and McDonald's dolls by Remco!

My Marvel Minimates collection--luckily I had just added the new MODOK when I took this photo!

The newest version of each of the bounty hunters! Thanks, Hasbro! Even Lego can't manage to give us all six of them!

Most of my G1 Transformers collection!
Lovely vintage tin locomotive I just inherited!

This one amazed me--a tin toy of John Glenn and Friendship 7!

Here's a jewel that just came in the mail this week--from a warehouse find, a sealed Battle of the Planets frame-tray puzzle!!

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