Hyperviolent Insane Godzilla Manga - a review (part two)

Godzilla showed up, and got mercilessly skewered through the heart twice in a row.  He then made sure everyone involved was atomized, before disappearing into the ocean. Now, read on, dot dot dot (love that Vivian Stanshall)...

The third story in our grisly manga opens with Godzilla encountering another old foe.

Enter MechaGodzilla, but before Godzilla can take him on, two OTHER mechanical arms grab him from behind, punching straight through a giant oil tank or some such structure.
What? MechaKong? How did he get in this movie?
I gotta give kudos to anyone involved that actually teamed up MechaGodzilla with MechaKong.  That in itself was a pretty high moment in this work.  But we aren't done yet.  Holding Godzilla in a tremendous bear-hug (except that it's a robot-gorilla-hug), MechaGodzilla can finally get in close enough to---
To yell at him in Japanese?
No, dear reader....
Why, to pierce him through the chest, or course! For those of you counting, we are up to THREE now.
Poor Godzilla can't get a break.  Three times in three stories now, he has been reamed through the chest, and you can bet he's getting angry.  So angry, he judo-flips MechaKong over his head, and tears his arm clean off. Oh, and get this--then, he blasts MechaGodzilla, and melts half his face off!

And then, just to add insult to injury (and probably to make sure there were no witnesses), Godzilla annihilates everything in atomic fury. Seeing any patterns here, anybody?

Story four opens with a bomb-dropping Rodan.  No, not the kind of bombs that everyday birds drop on your convertible, but instead, Rodan is flying around, carrying huge explosive shells in each talon, and has become a living B-1 Bomber.  I think this has something to do with the mad scientist I mentioned earlier--the one we are ignoring for our purposes, so we will ignore this as well.
Running into Godzilla (literally), he picks him up and carries him out over the ocean (somehow), where he drops him into the icy water.  Godzilla seems to freeze, and then breaks out...you know what time it is, it's time...for REVENGE!
Not since GAMERA vs GUIRON has so much kaiju blood run in the streets.  Did you see that? He just tore Rodan's wing clean off! After he has let Rodan suffer and writhe in agony for a few minutes, Godzilla finishes the job...in exactly the same manner as he did in the previous three stories.
He vaporizes him!
But hey, at least Rodan didn't peck straight through his chest, or anything.  So, four stories, and four identical endings.  Well, you will be thrilled to find out that our fifth and last story will take a completely new direction!
The fifth story has something to do with that mad scientist I keep ignoring, and a museum, where the skeletons of a couple of dinosaurs turn into real dinosaurs.  While this would be a fascinating ABC After-School Special, it quickly pales due to the appearance of....
ANGILAS! Ah, I LOVE that guy!

At last, one of Godzilla's truest FRIENDS! The poor guy has been skewered, beaten, and frozen for four stories now, and you KNOW he's going to be happy to see his oldest kaiju buddy.  Sure, they might have fought at their very first meeting, but things are different n---
You gotta be kidding me.
Oh no. I didn't just see that, did I? Anglias, you didn't just STAB HIM IN THE CHEST, I hope?! Surely you know better than THAT.....that never ends well!

Enraged, Godzilla grabs one of Rodan's extra shells, and rams it down the throat of my beloved favorite kaiju.
Having learned his lesson, a contrite and meek Angilas turns and makes his way back to Monster Islan---
WHAT?!! Aw, no! NO, NO, NOOOOOOO!!!!!
The only thing I can say is, at least he didn't disintegrate him.  That is one small mercy.  
And thus, our book draws to its bloody end, with four chest skewerings, six vaporized enemies, a confused Godzilla, and a mad scientist that's been totally ignored.
I can only assume a second volume followed, because the last panel shows two familiar, fiery forms streaking their way toward the earth...

I can only hope that nobody even MENTIONS poking Godzilla in the chest!

NOTE:  I have since discovered that there WAS indeed a Volume 2.  Don't know if there were any more, but I'd love to see this!

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