THE LONE RANGER (Wrather Corporation, date unknown)

I love OTR (Old-Time Radio), which as Stan Freberg always says, can accomplish things that television never could.  I get sucked into a good story in a matter of seconds, and when I saw this LP with its lovely cover painting, I knew it was for me.  I loved watching reruns of The Lone Ranger as a kid, after all.

I can't find much information about this record.  It was put out by The Wrather Corporation (who owned the property at the time), and the text on the back is a little misleading--in trying to say this is the first album (and I can't find a trace of a second volume in this series), they sort of make it sound like this is the "first adventure," but this isn't true.  The hit radio show began in 1933, and lasted for an incredible 2,956 episodes (you read that right)! The actor who voiced the Lone Ranger in these particular two episodes was Brace Beemer (I love that name, it's like Dash Riprock or something), and he took the job in 1941, and kept it until the series ended in 1954.  So these two episodes fall into that time period, and that's the best I can do.

One more note on the scratchiness of the recording--sometimes, when I apply pop-reducing software to certain recordings, it squashes or flattens them beyond recognition.  This happened here, so I left well enough alone.  I think it's because of a double whammy--the original recording was that way, and then made into a record, which became even MORE that way.  In any case, it won't interfere with your enjoyment of this classic show. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear!

Fun Factoid of the Day:  In my research, I learned that (since they had the same creators) the Lone Ranger is the Green Hornet's great uncle! How cool is that?


Christopher Sobieniak said...

Yeah, you learn new things each day.

I was amused years back to learn The Wrather Corporation also owned the Spruce Goose as well. I only ever found that out care of a cruddy Hanna-Barbera special involving Yogi Bear and his posse aboard the plane that decides to pull a deus ex machina on everyone and simply fly.

BrittReid said...

John Reid (the Lone Ranger) was the uncle of Dan Reid, who occasionally joined him and Tonto on adventures.
Dan Reid was the father of Britt Reid (the Green Hornet) and appeared in several later episodes of the Hornet's radio series.
The Wrather Corporation also created and owned Sgt Preston of the Yukon, but he didn't have any family connections to the Ranger or Hornet.
Today, three different companies each own one of the characters (Ranger, Hornet, Sgt Preston)...

Christopher Sobieniak said...

I find it interesting that all three series originated as radio shows that were produced at the station WXYZ in Detroit (both the radio and TV station were legendary in the Motor City for decades though I suppose none of that matters much anymore besides historical footnotes).

It's true though of the split in companies that do own the properties today. I think Lone Ranger is with Classic Media, who recently was acquired by Dreamworks Animation

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Great info, thanks!
And for now, of course, the punchline is that we are getting another "Hollywood movie," where I am afraid the point will be futile attempts at humorous situations, rather than treating the characters with the respect they deserve...how often have we seen that?

Christopher Sobieniak said...

Hardly at all. This is why I don't go to movies much.

KL from NYC said...

There's an on-line group that restores OTR programs. They have private sites, but the easiest way to locate their work is at Archive.org.
You'll find Lone Ranger & Sgt Preston programs.

KL from NYC said...

If Archive.org doesn't work well for you (too slow), I'll try to locate the address of one of their OTR sites if you're interested.

367 said...

Can you Re-up this ???

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