Singing Science Records Sampler (Motivation Records, 1961)

Here's another gem I recently rescued from an old storage building, cleaned, washed, and converted for your enjoyment.  There are a couple of good samples to be found here, my favorite being "How much would I weigh on the Moon?" from the middle of side one.
Also, you may be familiar with the first track; there was an excellent cover done by They Might Be Giants.


KL from NYC said...

Thanks. Looks interesting.

BTW, why is the blog address "snake and boris" ??
A reference to a Boris Karloff Mexican movie? Bullwinkle (Boris Badenoff)?
And why did you choose The Sphinx?

Just curious.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Ah, how to answer this question in one small paragraph?
First off, The Sphinx is the name of a novel I wrote and rewrote for several years, and it is also a tavern where lots of the action takes place. For some reason no one understands, historical and cultural figures of the past and present happen to hang out there at any given time, as well as the regulars.
Snake and Boris are two characters, and while they are in the novel, they are the primary heroes of short stories I began writing and illustrating for my own Children (of which there are 25....stories, not children!). Snake is, well, a snake, and Boris is a plump spider, who is indeed named after both Borises you mentioned, and I think there's a Who song in there somewhere.
Up until recently, the novel and five books of short stories were available through Qoop.com, both in paper and digital versions....but the site shut down a few months back!
When I started this blog, I planned for it to be about all of these things, but as you can see, it took a very different turn!
Thanks for asking!