The Birchwood Pops Orchestra - Theme from "Star Wars" (Pickwick, 1977)

If you were alive in 1977, you remember these records.  In fact, there were dozens of renditions of the STAR WARS theme done that year (with Meco being the biggest success, after the official soundtrack, I suppose).  Well, here is another one.  A concept disc of nothing but interpretations of this theme would be interesting....but maybe dull, I may have just talked myself out of that one.  


KL from NYC said...

I remember these were $1.98 LPs, and there was a 60-40 chance that they were good (meaning 60% were pretty bad). This one was probably recorded in the UK, so I'm guessing that it's decent.

vedat özdemir said...

Do you have records of your LP

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

I do own the original LP, but I didn't rip the whole thing...I was only interested in the Star Wars theme!