Classic Children's Books: Bullwinkle, Felix the Cat, and more

Golden Books, 1960.  This is a gem of a book from start to finish, with both charming art and story.
I love old Children's books...I will buy nearly anything I find that came from the 70's or 80's, but I'm also very partial to more vintage stuff, especially anything with classic animation characters.  Here are a few I have picked up in the recent weeks! I was going to include Beany and Cecil, but I think we will look at those in a separate post.  Heck, we could go on for days!

Whitman "Tell-A-Tale" Book, 1976

Bullwinkle's Masterpiece, back.
A "Wonder Book," 1956.  This one strangely and ironically pre-dates Felix's famous run of color TV cartoons with the memorable theme song, because in this book, he's trying to get on television...and he has an OWNER, a young boy! But the art is by Joe Oriolo, so this is a must!

Merrigold Press, 1976.  The Golden version from the year before was soft cover, and cut into the shape of Bullwinkle's head!

Whitman, 1953

Tweety (back cover)

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Christopher Sobieniak said...

Merrigold Press often republished a lot of previous Western Publishing material I recall, had some of those books in the 80's.