Marvel Universe INHUMANS Found!

The only time I mention any of Hasbro's Marvel figures around here, it's because of backwards hands and quality control issues, but I wanted to mention something that they did right, for a change.
The Inhumans are among my very favorite of the many genius Kirby creations.  I don't even care what they have done with (or to) the characters in recent years, which is the attitude I've had to adopt for any Kirby creation, actually...anyway, before I get off the subject: these figures are awesome.  THANK YOU, Hasbro.
There is artwork on the back of MODOK; is it possible we could get one, and one that is halfway decent?? I really do understand that, with this line of figures, Hasbro has tried to make many of them as classic as possible, while trying to allow as much "modern" look to come through as possible--after all, they have to appeal to both sorts of collectors.  I snapped up the Green Goblin, Electro, Kraven, and Kang as fast as possible, but I'm unable to complete a Fantastic Four that looks authentic yet, for lack of a classic Invisible Girl, and I am waiting with baited breath to get an up-close look at the forthcoming Mysterio to see if, well, he's "classic" enough.  MODOK presents size problems, of course, to be a regular carded figure, but my worry is his look--please, keep him old school.  Like the Minimates one.
Now, my only request is, can we please, please, please finish the team? Like a two-pack of Triton with a beautiful, perfectly-to-scale Lockjaw? I can dream, can't I?

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Christopher Sobieniak said...

Surprised Hasbro did something good for once.