Engrish With Ultraman Jack (part two)

Here is another round of re-translated madness, this time from the second disc of the Malaysian RETURN OF ULTRAMAN set, which I am enjoying immensely.  As always, context is everything, but let's just dive in:
Somehow, Goh is being told that it's a day off.  This is from the conversation we visited a little while ago, about going to the movies.
How awesome is that MAT laser gun? Well...
Goh meets a boxer while jogging, and does one of his super-flips right in front of him.  Way to protect your secret identity.
This is much funnier without the context, but the boxer tells Goh he is in love with a girl he has seen at the bus stop.  In other words, he has a "crash" on her.
I'm afraid I can offer no context here.
Uh, all I can tell you here is that they are surveying monster damage. So there you go. Probably shouldn't think about it too much.
Yes, it's a canyon full of bones.  Of course it has some deads.
And for our finale this time, a wonderfully ironic comment:
Oh, really? Oh RE-HE-HE-HE-EALLY???

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