SW Topps Trading Cards (series 3, 1977)!

I have a lot of things I want to post, suddenly, but we can't get too far off track before we finish our coverage of this great series...I hate it when blogs or websites make grandiose promises and never fulfill them...now where were we? Oh yes, Series 3, the famous "yellow" series, which is probably the most common, along with the "red" series we looked at last time.  
It's a more straightforward set of images, almost totally comprised of movie stills and promotional or reference shots of characters.  There are a couple of items of interest, though:

Note this--until the fifth series, the last ("Orange"), only cursory mentions were made of the Cantina scene at all, and only involved main characters.  In other words, no aliens, and even then in the last series there are only like five cards.  I went into detail on this in my book on the Cantina, but I point it out here as a matter of interest.
A rare off-camera moment for the Yellow series. 
And another one.  I imagine this as two people in really painfully uncomfortable costumes looking at each other in complete empathy.

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