Batman 1966 Action Figure Diorama Stand Puzzle Cards (Mattel, 2013)

When I finally bit, and got into the Classic Batman 6" series from Mattel, I was pleasantly surprised.  I'd read all sorts of criticism, but all in all these are fun and well-made figures, and the likenesses are much better than I'd heard.
I was pretty upset on the distribution of the line, but this weekend I was shocked to find that my TRU had received 4 Batmobiles...at Christmas-time, Amazon listed the Batmobile for $125, so it was a no-go for me.  I never thought they'd ship again, and at $55 with a $5-coupon I had, I knew I had to act.  But that isn't our immediate concern.
What we are going to look at today are these puzzle pieces.  Each action figure includes a stand (and Mattel should really get credit for this...it seems such a simple thing, but most action figures fail to include this crucial item.  If NECA would just have done so for Pacific Rim!), and each stand includes a thick card, roughly 3 x 5" as a backdrop.  One side features a painting of the character (in the style of the classic Batman 1966 trading cards), but the other----the other features 1/6 of a super-cool painting of the Batcave. 
You may wonder why companies take an extra step like this.  I will tell you why! It is because shmucks like me find puzzle pieces, and HAVE to complete the puzzle.  I was undecided about a Catwoman figure, but there was no way at all I was going to buy the silly Surfing Batman action figure....but I did.  Oh, I did.
And, since I haven't seen any other action-figure sites focusing on this one really interesting bonus, here they are for your enjoyment!
One good question I have is this: when the equally-ridiculous Surfing Joker comes out, what will be on the back of his card? Makes you wonder, because apparently he is sort of a Series 2, and is coming out all by himself.
Actually, Mattel could make another series, but don't tell them that.  An Alfred would be cool, and MAYBE a Commissioner Gordon, if he came with a desk and phone....but please, please, please don't make an Aunt Harriet action figure!

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