GODZILLA Model Kit Re-issue (Monogram, 1978)

Here's our old friend, the Aurora Godzilla model kit, once again, this time re-issued by the Monogram company, in 1978.  They even retained the "Glow-In-The-Dark" features from the 1972 Aurora re-issue.
They did a good job on the box art though--it's colorful and engaging.  Eye-catching, even.
And, it's always nice when a model company gives you a photo of the finished model, rather than a painting that kids could never live up to.
And, they even attempted to give Godzilla a short bio: "The best-known of all monsters, Godzilla has starred in 17 classic films."  I think model kits were one of the first products I ever saw that actually had different languages printed on their packages...which today is commonplace.
I held out, and found a kit that had never even been removed from the plastic bags.  Notice the extra set of "Glow-In-The-Dark" parts, which includes a head, (end of) tail, hands, and dorsal plates.  I intended to scan the instructions, but forgot.
So, if you are keeping track now, this is the fourth (and last) version of this model kit that there is to buy:
Godzilla (Glow-In-The-Dark re-issue, Monogram, 1978)

It's about time to re-issue this kit again, don't you think?

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