If it's Friday, then that must mean (GASP) another visit to THE SUPER DICTIONARY!
In this entry, we get to enjoy the lame character of El Dragon (that's Spanish for the dragon, kiddies; congratulations, you are now cosmopolitan!) being consumed by a raging fire; an image which gives me solace in times of need.  By the way, I kept thinking he reminded me of somebody, and it finally struck me that he looks similar to a Marvel character called Constrictor:
Or, if you like, El Constrictor.
You know, I'm just going to leave this here and step away.  It's far too easy to make juvenile jokes about Batman and Robin being a couple,and after all these years, aren't we past all that now? I mean, aren't these jokes wearing sort of thi--
Oh...huh.  Let's move on.
Okay, here's another of those panels that begs for context.  What in the sweet name of sanity is going on here?  Where are their ropes even connected? Why are there exclamation points inside the giant eyes?
Excuse me, Zatanna, uh, Conjura?  It IS your fault if you forget you are MAGIC and can just fix the car that way.
Hopefully Batman is referring to a rousing game of Uno?
Once again, Atom is hanging around with bees...this time he has cheesed off an entire swarm.  I don't  think that it matters if you are the size of an action figure, when there are fifty bees after you...unless they are Bee Girls, of course.
My gosh, can you imagine trying to do something with Batgirl over your shoulder? Will you just shut up, Batgirl, before I knock the ever-loving batcrap outta you?! Nevermind that all hooker-Catwoman (I think that's her?) is trying to do is refold a (blank?) road map.
Once again, we end with the fuel of nightmares.  The disembodied head in the (crystal?) ball is the artwork version of one of those William S. Burroughs stories, where he cut up newspapers, threw them in the air, and randomly glued them together to see what happened.  Is this supposed to be the "man" that told Green Arrow the good and bad things that would happen to him? Is the "bad" thing that this horrific head in a ball will be stuck on his shoulder?! Green Arrow gives the reader that look of "you know how it is," but no, we don't.
Once again, the Super Dictionary takes the insane way out of what would otherwise be a simple definition...did fortune cookies ever occur to anyone??!!
I'm telling you people; there's no other explanation:  drugs were involved.


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