Continuing our Friday foray into the madness that is THE SUPER DICTIONARY.  The previous post was excessively wordy, and after editing it three times, I'm going to mostly let the pictures speak for themselves today!
Sometimes I think Dr. Wertham had a point.
Robin, directed by Alfred Hitchcock.  What the crap is "CHUP." ??
As previously stated, Lois is an idiot.  Occasionally, the SUPER DICTIONARY's definitions are credible, but sometimes they are also ridiculously obtuse:

You can see how a poor child could be mislead.
A..............soapy water ball?
Looks like more than a BUMP on his head....how about, "People tried to BUMP him off anyway?"
This is one of my favorite pictures in the book, and it's hard to hold back on this one...first of all, Batman's neck is apparently broken, and I'm not 100% sure where he is standing.  Secondly, Robin looks a little young to be driving anything, so what did you think was going to happen?  Thirdly, is this the Batmobile from Toontown?  I have a lot of questions.

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