ESB "Super Scene Collection" (Burger King/Coca-Cola, 1980)

Burger King had a SECOND promotion for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK that year (and we haven't even mentioned their SETS OF FOUR GLASSES for each film--they DOMINATED Star Wars fast-food marketing), and it involved stickers (or "stamps" as they called them) that were given out in strips.  Each strip formed three different puzzle scenes, making a total of twelve, which the buyer would arrange in a large pamphlet, seen above.
Admittedly, I cribbed these photos from Ebay, because the "booklet" is larger than a scanner.  Here is what the inside of the booklet looks like:
The instructions at the very bottom are rather amusing--they tell the user how to peel a sticker.  I guess dumb instructions are not a modern invention.
Here are the four strips of stickers:

The backs of the sticker strips are generic, and looked like this:
Burger King was knocking it out of the park that year, if you will pardon the sports metaphor!

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