Godzilla Puzzle "Air Attack" (HG Toys #458-04, 1978)

And, lastly, here is the third 150-piece Godzilla jigsaw puzzle in the series made by HG Toys in 1978.  Called (somewhere) by the name of "Air Attack," if we take these puzzles to be chronological scenes, then it means that Godzilla has rampaged the city (first puzzle), fought his way to the harbor (second puzzle), and is now on a mountain above it all, being pestered by planes.  It's all in a day's work.
Even though the hues here show the effects of a waning sunset and the purple of the approaching night, there's a pleasant psychedelic backlash to the color scheme, with Godzilla grounding the whole thing, standing out starkly in the forefront.  (Wow, my Fine Arts professor would have been proud of that one.) As he looks back to torch an oncoming plane, he also looks at the viewer, as if to say, "See what I go through??" (Okay, maybe that was a bridge too far, there. I got carried away.)

Once again, for completeness, here is the Canadian version (which I don't own), put out by "Frolic":


Anonymous said...

I always thought that the chronology was reversed from the production numbers... First, Godzilla approaches the (intact) city at dawn as the Air Force tries to keep him away. Then in midday, he rises up out of the harbor, where the Navy takes its turn at defending the city... and at failing to keep the monster at bay. Finally, Godzilla is free to rampage through the city as night falls and the panicked citizens flee.


Sampoerna Quatrain said...

That also makes perfect sense to me!