Godzilla Puzzle "Harbor Havoc" (HG Toys #458-03, 1978)

Here is the second HG Godzilla puzzle from 1978.  Again, the title isn't on the box, but it's called "Harbor Havoc."  Here we see a very angry Godzilla being attacked by battleships.  There is so much action in this painting; there's a lot to take in.  
What's sort of obscured by the banner on the box is Godzilla lifting the front end of a ship out of the water, while SIMULTANEOUSLY flinging one into the air with his tail.  And check out the poor displaced people:
All done, of course, as various missiles fill the air.  

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a photo of a Canadian specimen to show you, but occasionally they do turn up on Ebay.  All in all, a lovely set of puzzles that no vintage Godzilla collection should be without!

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