2001 Godzilla ("GMK, Giant Monsters All-Out Attack") NECA, 2016

The seventh figure in NECA's Godzilla series has arrived!  NECA has slowed down from the speed that began this series, but thankfully, it is still alive.  Here is their production so far:

2014 - Three figures (beginning in June of that year)
2015 - Three figures
2016 - One figure

If I recall correctly, Shin Godzilla is going to be next, but I'm sure it will be in 2017, at this point.  Here's a halfway-decent look at the new figure:
It's another stunning sculpt, and the bulkiest Godzilla so far, and that even counts 1985's thunderous thighs.  This figure's are actually bigger, and to my quick comparisons, everything is newly-sculpted.
Also, the biggest feet so far.  This Godzilla has huge, thick feet, and I think that's accurate to the design.
I decided to make a comparison to Bandai's version of this Godzilla, from their line of American vinyls (credited to Bandai Creation, of course).  You can see the major difference right away:  NECA's 2001 can't stand up very straight.  It's really true for all their Godzillas.  
Now, this really isn't a deal-breaker.  It's just the way it is.  In the first unboxed photo above, that is the absolute straightest he will stand and still have both enormous feet on the ground.  Sure, you can lean him forward more, but his heels will be off the ground.  You'll notice Bandai's posture is very rigid in comparison, and it just comes down to what you prefer for a given display situation. 
Of course, Bandai's 2001 isn't super-articulated, and this figure has all of the great design elements of the previous six, including the jaw.
Oh, and points for the tail, which has a lovely, blunt end, as well as the usual bendable wire.  (The point of the tail was a complaint of mine in reviewing previous figures.)
Overall, NECA's 2001 has a wider stance, a more impressive bulk, and nice-looking texture to the folds and scales of the sculpt, achieved with a dark wash.  Originally pushed back to September--and then again to October, until finally arriving in November--I ordered mine from Entertainment Earth, thinking they would never show up on store shelves.  However, I was surprised to see several of this exact figure on the shelves of my local Toys [backwards "R"] Us the other day, so you just never know.

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