Lego #76057 Expansion Project (Web Warriors Bridge Battle)

I know this was a popular idea, when this amazing set recently came out, to buy more than one and "extend" the bridge.  From the way it's designed, I think this was even what the Lego Group had in mind.  I was lucky that a local Wal-Mart ran a sale on this set for $78, instead of the $99 it originally was.  I don't know why they did that, but I haven't regretted the second purchase for one moment.
And of course, it provides room to involve the other current Spider-Man sets!
First off, let me say that I did absolutely nothing fancy.  I could have done a lot of modifications, but
I didn't see the need.  All I added were a couple of large plates to connect the two bridge playsets together, three baseplates for water, two minifigures (a fireman and a driver for the second taxi), and some clear rods and bricks to make the gliders fly.  That's all it took.  Really, you could modify this thing as much as you want--unless I'm parting out a set I like to keep it complete, so I just built the whole thing, and left off the final, small segment (where the street signs and trash can launcher is).  Not building that last part gives you the plates you need to hook both sides together, and fill in the missing street plates. 
I have over 300 Lego sets, and I have to say that this very well may be my absolute favorite set that has been made.  Definitely the best Marvel set, hands down!
Hey, I just remember that Doc Ock was involved when Capt. Stacy died in the original comics.  This was a happy accident.
If only they had given us a Gwen, instead of Aunt May.  Oh well, it feels just as therapeutic to dangle her from a bridge!
A better view of the translucent bricks and rods, which of course would work for the Vulture too.

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