Duke Stern - ABRACADABRA Is My Game (Incubus, no date)

 I am spamming my own blog, I know, but The Sphinx is about to be closed for vacation (don't worry; I'll leave the front door unlocked) and I have lots of new stuff to include before I go.  Here is a pristine copy of a pretty rare LP that I found.  It didn't even seem to have been played before, and needed no de-clicking whatsoever.
You probably know how it is...you go months without really finding anything interesting, and then suddenly, in the space of a couple of weeks, there's more than you can get posted.  ("Life's like that." --Vivian Stanshall.) This one is so fresh, I haven't even listened to it yet myself.  

There isn't much information on Duke Stern on the Internets, and no Wikipedia article about him.  What I did find was that he was well-loved in the magician's communities, and very respected among his peers.  Oddly, this record has no date, but seems to come from circa 1972 or 1973, when Sterns passed away.  The back cover does promise more LP's to come, which apparently never happened.

This excellent copy also included a two-sided cardstock insert, detailing instructions and diagrams for the eleven magic tricks described on this album.  Since I haven't even heard this yet, we will let the label on the back cover speak for itself:

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