Creepy Clown Pictures Cavalcade!

Let me just say, I love thrift stores.  I spend as much of my time as possible in thrift stores and various places of such repute.  I will dig through the scummiest crates or shelves in the lousiest of flea markets, looking for treasures.  Once, in a dingy hole in a bad part of town, I thrust my hand under a pile of stuff and stabbed something (I will never know) so far under my fingernail, I ended up having to get a tetanus shot. I have dragged Children and loved ones regularly through garage sales, estate sales, and auctions, but my favorite prime slices of Americana are thrift stores.  

That said, I have noticed of late that there is a disturbing amount of Creepy Clown Paintings that are appearing in the places I frequent.  At first, I stopped to photograph one in particular, because it is the scariest thing I have ever laid eyes on.  But yesterday, I had to take some more pictures, because the sheer amount of these things showing up lately may be a sign of the collapse of civilization.

I bet I've seen fifteen of these things lately. In different places......so where are they coming from? And why? Did Red Skelton's private vault explode? I will probably never know, but I'm determined to document this phenomenon from now on.  
I hope you are ready for the most terrifying thing I have seen in years.....you have been warned.  Look at this. Batten down the hatches.  Hide the children.

This is so wrong on so many levels......I'm a little queasy at the moment, and I think I have to stop typing.

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