The Return of the Rock-afire Explosion!

I was pretty amazed to uncover this 45 in a pile of trashed Guy Lombardo, Melanie, and Strawberry Shortcake Read-Along discs last week.  It was pretty fried (well-loved), but I was able to restore it to its original greatness. This is the third single available by the much-missed Showbiz Pizza band, and oddly enough, there isn't the slightest hint at a writing credit for the Beatles cover (or even acknowledgement of any licensing, for that matter)! This is actually the more valuable 1983 reprint, according to the official website, but since it had no artwork present anyway, it doesn't matter.  
I got to see the excellent documentary last year, and it made me miss these guys even more...but it did give me a real appreciation of all the hard work that existed behind them, that us wide-eyed kids never knew about! Enjoy, and go beg your dad for a roll of tokens!

By the way, here's the original 1981 sleeve artwork, and also the 1983 reprint:


Christopher Sobieniak said...

I feel a little left down I never went to one (since none existed in my town besides 'clones' of such), though I use to see the commercials from Detroit stations.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Ah, it was wondrous! The darkened tunnel full of space-themed games (I swear it was hexagonal like a Death Star-corridor) was amazing!!!

Andrés Ochoa said...

Why did you deleted this album!
I was so suprised to see it! and then... nothing :(
Please post it again. PLEASE!!

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

I didn't delete it! It worries me that maybe Hotfile is becoming unusable...but maybe it was a glitch. Either way, try this:

367 said...

Can you Re-up this ???

367 said...