Bandai Monster Legend Museum (1997) Set "A"

Back in 1997, Bandai issued these two really cool sets, of 20 kaiju each, which loosely translates to the title I've given here.  The boxes were identical, except for a tiny "A" or "B," which made it a little tricky for us English-speakers.  They came with twenty highly-detailed rubber monsters, some of which you had to assemble (it is still tricky to this day getting the right tail on the right Godzilla), as well as a large card showing eight small pictures of Japanese Godzilla movie posters.
Today we are going to look at Set A, which is mostly black and silver, with a couple of light blue monsters thrown in for no apparent reason.
The Japanese characters after the "A" apologize for taking all of your money, while laughing at the buyer at the same time...weird, huh?

Set "A" group photo!
I have never found the perfect way to display these awesome little guys--by the way, I should mention that they are all around an inch-and-a-half tall. With that in mind, we will now look at them a bit more closely, so on with the show...
Four Godzilla suits--notice that one has four toes, and the rest of these, three!

Mecha-King Ghidorah, original Rodan, original Mogera, and poor, overlooked Magma! We haven't forgotten you!

Hush, kids! Don't disturb them! It's a mama and two babies!
"Death Ghidorah" from the first 90's Mothra movie, Water Mothra from the second, Spacegodzilla, and Ebirah!
The ever-faithful and amazing Angilas, Mechagodzilla II, and Varan, who we also haven't forgotten!

The 90's version of MOGUERA, Battra, and Little Godzilla! Awww!
Well, that's all twenty, because the two Mothra larvae count as one, apparently--but thanks, Bandai, for giving me twins, so I can re-enact the ending of what we call GODZILLA vs. THE THING! Next time we will look at set "B," so stay tuned.

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