Bandai Monster Legend Museum (1997) Set "B"

Today we continue our up-close look at one of my favorite Bandai releases, the "Monster Legend Museum," set "B."  This set offers 20 more kaiju, in an orangey-tan and dark blue, with the two odd light blue colors thrown in, exactly like the first set.  I have to say, I very much prefer the black and silver of the first set, but it does help to organize them quickly, so I guess they had their reasons.
Group photo of set B. I don't know why the Godzilla on the right is out of kilter. My tesselation skills have declined.
Three more Godzilla designs; different amounts of toes again.
Junior squaring off against Destroyah.

Mighty Gorosaurus, King Ghidorah (the "other king of the monsters"), Fairy Mothra, and Battra larva.  I just realized that the light blue figures are from 90's Mothra films! Clever Bandai!
Megalon, Mechagodzilla (original), Biollante, and Titanosaurus.
Fire Rodan (in flying pose), Hedorah, Destroyah in crab form.
Kamacuras (or Gimantis, depending on where you grew up), and Dagahra, which I confess I had to look up because I haven't seen Mothra II in some years.
Beautiful Baragon and Gigan! What a pair.
Oddly missing from this "Museum" are Manda, Minya, and Spiega (or Kumonga, depending on where you grew up).  I may sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I have a theory that Bandai doesn't want fans to be able to own a diorama of DESTROY ALL MONSTERS for some reason..it just never works out in any scale. Something's always wrong, and somebody's always missing.  I don't know why. If they released a boxed set tomorrow of all eleven monsters, in the right scale to each other (I mean you, Minya), and it was $500, I would sell something to own it.  It's just that simple!


Corganoid said...

King Caesar???

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Ah, good point! And Jet Jaguar for that matter!