Godzilla Puzzle and 2 Card Games from Japan!

I'm happy to say, there's about to be a new Leaping Fox release (probably tomorrow)! Meanwhile, let's look at a few of my recent additions:
First up, the Mecha-King Ghidorah puzzle from Far East Monsters, a company that I really miss. I was a huge fan of the "Destroy All Monsters" statue series, and I was heartbroken when the company folded, and we weren't going to get the rest of the planned diorama showing all eleven kaiju together with interlocking bases.  The Godzilla and King Ghidorah that they did make sit proudly on top of my display case though, and I enjoy them to this day!
The artwork is stunning, and the puzzle is huge, as the box says.  It's a lot more challenging than I thought, and the absence of a straight border makes it even more so.  The puzzle includes a Puzzle Guide, which is an enormous poster of the artwork, printed on super-heavy paper, and suitable for framing!
Next up are two card games from Japan.  One is dated 1993, and I believe they are both from that time period, because they feature the 90's Mechagodzilla and nothing later than that.  They are both made by "Papel Creations," and I was fortunate to buy both in sealed boxes.  The downside is, as always, that the instructions are in Japanese, and I'll have no clue how to play them! This first game includes one deck, in a handy and protective plastic case (I wish Americans gave their products half the consideration that the Japanese do!).


Next we have the second card game.  This one includes two decks, also in the considerate plastic cases.  While the first game had brown card backs (see above), this one featured red for one deck, and sort of a bluish purple for the other.

This second game features more "classic" pictures, and older characters.  Both games have multiples of each card...in the second game, there are different values, some with negative numbers, and the lack of text leads me to believe it was a math-based game, probably for young children.

It makes me wonder--can the two games be used together? Maybe not, but I will probably never know!
Stay tuned; ye olde Leaping Fox is coming out of hibernation!

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