A Few Rare Godzilla Photos!

Happy Friday! I recently scored a copy of AN UNAUTHORIZED GUIDE TO GODZILLA COLLECTIBLES, written by Sean Linkenback in 1998.  This is a very expensive, very out-of-print book, and it's amazing I made it this far without it, but I waited and got a good deal.  I need to review the book separately, but I noticed several great photos of items that don't normally make the rounds, and I scanned a whole bunch of them for my hard drive, and to share here:
A Japanese Theatre Program for the 1971 re-release of GHIDRAH THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER.  Stunning artwork!
The Theatre Program for DESTROY ALL MONSTERS had a pop-up section!
Japanese 2-sheet poster for GODZILLA vs HEDORAH!!
Japanese theatre program for GODZILLA vs HEDORAH.
The rarely seen "other" version of the American poster for GODZILLA vs MEGALON, the World Trade Center version being much more common.
It sounds like a Monty Python skit, but GODZILLA vs THE THING in Italy included the word WATANG! Notice also that they attempted to show you what "The Thing" looked like, whereas in America it was "Censored" out..."Godzilla vs Starro the Conqueror"...
Here's another unusual one---KING OF THE MONSTERS in Cuba! A Godzilla film was released in Cuba???!!?!

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